Where We Are At

2014-05-life-of-pix-free-stock-photos-aureliejouan-lightsFriends and Family,

We have moved into a new leg of Emma’s cancer journey—a leg that has been anticipated, but not with enthusiasm. The last couple of weeks have shown us obvious signs that Emma’s disease is progressing and her health is declining.

In the last week, hospice had a hospital bed delivered to the house. Grace has made a comfy place for her mom on that bed in the “map room.” Emma is on oxygen most of the time. While hospice is wonderful about helping with pain management, there seem to be more frequent breakthroughs of “bone-splitting” pain. Because of the significant increase in narcotics, of course, the side effect is reduced clarity. That said—God generously gives her opportunities for treasured conversations and sweet memory making moments, and we are holding onto those moments dearly.

As I write this post for the family, I’m reminded of two previous posts I wrote about/for Emma. You may be encouraged by rereading those now … Jesus Wept and Good Grief and When Words Step on Toes.

What I’m about to share will make more sense if you understand the concentric circles to which I referred in “When Words Step on Toes.” In that post I shared this …

“Recognize that there will come a time when, because of the particular circle we are in, we will no longer have an opportunity to tell them anything this side of heaven. Then we continue praying and we continue caring for those in the smallest circles.”

The focus, friends, has moved toward the innermost circles. That’s where we are. God still knows the number of Emma’s days and we do not.

Please …

Pray for continued pain management and comfort for Emma

Pray for strength, wisdom, discernment, and peace for Kevin and the kids

Pray and care for those in the smallest circles including their extended family *

Above all, pray for a keen awareness of Jesus’ presence in this place and this time.

Be assured that Emma knows how deeply she is loved by all of you. She knows. Know that she loves you in return and treasure the many times and ways she has no doubt shared that love over the years.

In His service,

Vicki Tiede (For Kevin, Emma, Mitchell, Alex, and Grace)

*(There are many unmet meal needs. If you are part of the LotsaHelpingHands team, please check that out. We are no longer seeking drivers for the kids, so needs have decreased in that sense.)


3 thoughts on “Where We Are At

  1. We bring you before God’s Throne regularly, Emma…and also Kevin and the kids.

    How great to know that God is our lighthouse through all the storms of this life and that He will bring us all safely to His blissful shore in His good time.

    Love, Gene and Caro

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